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Providing resources and help to students wishing to improve their English. Online classes, lesson plans, blog posts and more.

Products & Classes


$1.99 CAD

This e-book helps you to build a better foundation for your English studies. Even if you’re an advanced English student, it’s still good to review!

    In part one, we will be examining parts of speech. This e-book contains lessons, exercises, fun activities, and help in setting English goals.

ESL Lesson Plan:

$0.99 USD

Even if you have perfect grammar and an excellent reservoir of words, people will still find it hard to understand you if you have difficulties with pronunciation. One of the best ways to improve your pronunciation is to study minimal pairs. This is what we’ll focus on in these lesson plans.​​​

All lessons include text, audio, exercises, and a quiz. 


Free Sample

ESL Lesson Plan:
Persuasive Writing

$0.99 USD

This lesson will teach you all about persuasive writing: where you see it, why it's important, and how to use it. You'll examine an example of persuasive writing and common vocabulary used in persuasive writing. There's also a typical persuasive essay outline and an essay checklist. It also comes with a writing assignment of your own that I will personally look over and mark!​​​



ESL Lesson Plan:
All About Nouns

$0.99 USD

This 11-page lesson plan teaches you all about nouns: singular vs plural, common vs proper, countable vs uncountable and concrete vs abstract. 
This lesson plan comes with plenty of examples and exercises for you to complete. I will mark your work and give you personalized feedback. 



ESL Lesson Plan:
Writing Business Emails

$0.99 USD

Writing emails is a very important aspect of most jobs - it’s one of the most common ways we communicate, especially in the business world. In fact, the average person sends about 100 emails a day. Whether you’re emailing your boss, your co-workers or potential clients, you need to make sure your emails are professional, concise and error-free. 


Writing & Editing

$5.00 CAD

When you're done writing a lengthy essay, it can be a tiring effort to edit and proofread all that writing. Well, I'm here to help! I'll proofread and edit any piece of writing you have for only $5.00 CAD, and I will have it back to you in 24 hours or less. 

​​So send me whatever piece of writing you have! This includes essays, short stories, articles, blog posts, resumes, cover letters or anything else that you need to be edited.

edit my work

Personalized Classes

$25.00 CAD

​I prefer to do all our lessons through private tutoring. Students get the most from lessons when they're personalized to their needs and learning styles.

All classes include lessons, exercises, one-on-one teaching, and personalized feedback.

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